Adding a new User Group is done from the User Groups Admin page.

Click the 'Add User Group' button  above the list of existing groups, and this will open a page where you can enter in the details of the new group.

Note: You can also add Users to a Group individually via the Edit User page within the main User Admin.

  1. Title
    Enter a name that describes your group of users.

  2. Tenders
    What level of access should users in this group have to the 'Tenders' section?
    You can select whether they have no access, are only able to view Tenders, or if they have full Admin access and can also create them.

    Note: The Tenders section is a special feature of WCS that may not be activated on your site so this option may not be visible.
    Your installation may also have additional special features that show up here, whose

  3. Users
    This is where you assign users to your group. A list is shown below, simply tick the checkbox of each user you would like adding to the group.
    Depending on how many users your site has, you may find it useful to use the search box above this list, in order to find a particular user.

Once you have completed the fields, click on the Add User Group button below, and you will see a confirmation that your group has been created.