Documents can be added to your website from the Documents section.

  1. Navigate to the folder you want to add the document to and click the Add Document button  above the main file view

  2. This will bring up a page where you will add your document and enter its details:

    Notification Type
    You can choose to send an email notification to everyone who will be allowed access to this document, letting them know it is now available.

    Here you can upload your document from your computer, to your WCS website.
    You can choose whether to upload a single file, multiple files, or simply link to a file hosted on an external website.

    Depending on whether File, Multiple, or URL is selected, the following options may change.

    Select File
    Once clicked, this will bring up a file selector, and you can select the file(s) on your computer that you want to add to your website.
    Then click 'Open' and they will be uploaded.

    Document Title
    The title of your document and how it will be displayed in folders. This is filled in automatically with the filename when you select a file in the previous field, although you can override it if you wish.

    A longer description of what the document contains. This is not mandatory and can be left blank.

    Keywords to describe the contents of your document, each separated by a comma. These are used to improve the results from your website's <Search> function.
    For example, a document containing council minutes could be tagged with 'Minutes' and 'Meeting', which would lead to appearing in search results if a user enters these terms.

    If this checkbox is ticked, the document will be available to the general public if inserted into a page.

    Users Group Access
    Select which of your User Groups are allowed to access this file.
    You can check exactly which Users have access by click the Who Has Access button  at the top of the page.
    This will show you the members of all the User Groups who currently have permission to view this file.

  3. Click the Add Document button  and you should receive confirmation that your document has been added: