This is an optional feature and may need to be activated by WJP Software.
If you do not see it on your site and wish to add it, please contact to arrange installation.

Enhanced Page Versions is an optional extension to WCS's existing Page Versions feature which allows for some additional flexibility for Version Control when editing pages.

  1. When Enhanced Page Versions is enabled, extra fields will appear at the top of the Page Editor when editing a Page's Content:

    Major Change: Ordinarily when a page is edited, it's Version Number (which will display when Viewing or Restoring a Previous Page Version, or at the bottom of the page itself) will increment by 0.01, indicating a minor change (spelling corrections, grammar .etc), whereas
    if this option is checked, it will increment the Page Version by 1.0. indicating a major change. You may wish to check this if the page has undergone a complete rewrite for example.

    Change Comment: A comment justifying the need for the change and what was done should be entered here.

    Old Versions: If this option is ticked, a drop-down menu, visible to your audience will appear at the bottom of the page itself, and allow them to select and view all of the previous versions of the page:

    Note: The 'Recommended' version will either be the latest, or that which you have specifically set as the 'Displayed Version' in the Version History menu.