1. Site Logo
    Your site logo will always be shown in the top left of the menu. If clicked it will take you back to the Home Page.

  2. Page Links
    Here are the links to the various pages on your site. The colours underneath have been added for demonstration purposes and represent the following:
    •  Blue  - Standard WCS pages. These are pages generated by WCS that fulfil various functions such as News and a website Contact Form.
    •  Green  - User-created pages. In WCS you can create your own pages and fill them with whatever content you like, they can then be added to this menu so users can easily navigate to them.
    •  Orange  - Specialist pages. These pages fulfil a niche purpose, and are only available in specialist installations of WCS.
    •  Red  - Member Pages. These pages are not visible to the general public, and only viewable by logged in users with the correct Permissions.

  3. Social Media Links
    Links to your social media platforms can be included here if desired.

  4. User Account Options
    This menu allows you to view and amend your personal settings, amend your password, log out, and view support documentation.

  5. Website Search
    Allows you to search within the website for a word or phrase.

Your website will automatically adapt to smaller phone/tablet devices, on these, the main navigation will instead be accessible by tapping the '3 Horizontonal Line' menu icon: