In addition to being able to be Reordered, Pages can also be placed inside others within the Page Hierarchy Editor.
This allows you to group related pages together, and aids in creating a logical menu structure for your website.

  • Placing a Page inside another is very similar to Reordering pages, however  when clicking + dragging the page, you must position it directly over and to the right of the page you want to place it inside of.
    The Green highlight where your page will be placed will indent slightly, indicating that it will go inside the Parent Page:

    When the mouse is released, the page will be placed inside the Parent Page:

  • After refreshing the page, you will notice the Parent page's entry in the Main Navigation Menu change:

    The Downward Arrow icon  indicates that there are more pages inside. Clicking the Menu Link will make them visible:

  • Child Pages themselves can have further children added into them which will create more sub-menus in the Main Navigation Menu.
    For example, the following structure:

    Would appear in the Main Navigation Menu as such:

  • When moving Pages with children in the Page Hierarchy Editor, they will all be moved as one, the children will always follow the parent: