When a news article has been published, you can choose to send it via email to all current subscribers.

They will receive the full text of the news story in the email, plus a link to view the full article on your website which may contain video, images, or other media content that will not be included in the mailout.

To send a News Mailout, you must first have published a news story.

  1. Navigate to the News Editor in the top navigation menu:

           Settings > News Editor

  2. Click on the 'Open Mail' icon  on the far-right hand side of the News Story title:

    Note: This option will only appear for News Stories that are set to both 'Published' and 'Public'.

  3. This will bring up a confirmation window that will also inform you of how many subscribers will receive the news story:

    Clicking 'OK' will then send out the story to your subscribers and you will see a notice confirming a successful mailout:

    Depending on the number of subscribers, there may be a slight delay for them receiving the email after the story has been sent out.

    Note: Once you have sent the News Mailout, you will now see a 'Closed Mail' icon in the News Editor signifying it has been sent successfully. You cannot send a mailout for the same story more than once.