Groups are useful for categorising users into groups to control what certain groups of users can access. A user can be part of one, or multiple groups.

The User Groups Manager is used to manage and edit existing user groups.

It can be accessed via the Main Navigation Menu and selecting Settings > Users > User Group Admin

  1. Add User Group: Create a new User Group.
  2. Help: Access WCS Web Help.
  3. Group Title: The name given to the group of users.
  4. Access to special features: Shows whether the group has access to any of WCS's specialist features - in this instance the 'Tenders' section is active, although different installations of WCS may have others available.
  5. Edit User Group: Edit the details of the User Group including the Group Title, Access to special features, and the users assigned to the group.
  6. Delete User Group: Deletes the User Group.