In addition to the default list view, The Events feature in WCS also includes an intuitive Calendar-style view.

This can be accessed from the Main Event View, and then clicking the Show Calendar button .

  1. Add Event: Add a new Event for your organisation. (See: Adding/Editing an Event)
  2. Show List: Reverts back to the default 'List' view for Events.
  3. Days of the Month: Shows the days of the current month. Other months can be viewed by clicking the back (<) and forward (>) arrows on either side of the Month name.
  4. Currently Selected Day: The currently selected day is highlighted in Black. Days on which events occur are highlighted in Grey and outlined in the Event Type Colour (See: Event Types).
  5. Selected Day Event Info: Displays the Event information for the currently selected day in the Calendar.
  6. Event Types View: Choose which Event Types to display. Any types that are deselected will not be shown on the Calendar and their details will be hidden from view.
  7. Monthly Events: Shows all of the Events with the selected Event Types that are occurring within the currently selected month.